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About Jasmine McCully, LCSW, LICSW, LMSW

Jasmine McCully is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (LMSW), Oregon, Texas, and Washington (LICSW). Throughout her social work career, Jasmine has worked in various settings that include private practice, hospitals, non-profit, government, behavioral health outpatient clinics and treatment facilities, and inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities.

From an educational standpoint, Jasmine received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science (double major) from Indiana University Bloomington. She then attended The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (currently called The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice) and received a Master of Arts degree in Social Service Administration/Clinical Social Work.

As an avid self-care advocate, Jasmine enjoys spending quality time with family & friends, traveling, working up a good sweat in the gym, attending a spin class, cooking a delicious meal, and loving on her adorable French bulldog Se7en.

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